Jericho Road

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Produced by Cookie Marenco
with Houston Jones
Recorded at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA
and Big Beige, Summerhill Records, Castro Valley, CA
Engineered by Cookie Marenco
and Patrick O'Connor (at OTR)
Engineered by Glenn Houston
and Houston Jones (at Big Beige)
Asst. Engineers (at OTR): Phil Abbott,
Ryan Andrews, Andrew Doyle,
Mike Howles, Tim Jones
Mixed by Cookie Marenco
and Houston Jones
Mastered by Cookie Marenco
at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA

Map of Jerusalem courtesy of
National Library of the Netherlands
Labyrinth of Jericho courtesy of
Leeds University Library
Band photo: Tim Konrad Photography
Artwork design & concept: Glenn Houston
Art direction: Ray Bauer

Released 2009 on Summerhill Records

Houston Jones is a California band whose style ranges from bluegrass and folk to blues and gospel. With a world-class combination of vocal and instrumental prowess, Houston Jones features Glenn Houston (acoustic & electric lead guitar, slide guitar), Travis Jones (lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, tambourine, harmony vocals), Peter Tucker (drums, percussion, tambourine), Chris Kee (acoustic & electric bass, acoustic guitar, cello, harmony vocals), and Henry Salvia (piano, organ, accordian, harmony vocals). Still Waters features guest Joe Pomianek (mandolin), and both It's the Way You Love Me and Some Sweet Day feature Eda Maxym, Kathleen Enright and Jane Selkye as harmony vocalists.

This recording was produced by Cookie Marenco with Houston Jones at OTR Studios using 2" analog tape and was mixed to 1/2" tape.

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